Sullivan Dance Studio 

Sullivan Dance Studio 

Friday Summer  Dance Camps

Updated 4/29/19

All camps listed below are $25

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Acro Partnering & Lifts


Friday, June 14th 5:30-8:00 pm

Ages 6 - 12 


Participants will learn the importance of communication, strength, balance, and
teamwork to accomplish gravity defying tricks & lifts. Acrobatics will experience
being the flyer and the base. Varying levels will be easily accommodated.

Miss Melissa will be teaching this camp.
She has completed module 1 & 2 training through Acrobatic Arts. 


Pom Pom Cheer 


Friday, June 21st 5:30-8:00 pm 

Participants will be taught the basics of pom and cheer technique.
Arm placements, stunting, & tumbling will be the 3 main components of camp.

During craft time, cheer bows & personalized megaphones will be made.

A final showcase routine will be performed for family during the last 5 minutes of camp.

Ages 6 - 12 

Red, White, & Blue
& Tie-dye Too

Friday, June 28th 5:30-8:00 pm

Ages 6 - 12

flag heart.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 1.00.55 PM.png

Who wants to dance in the Sullivan 4th of July Parade?! Participants will learn the parade routine during camp and earn the opportunity to perform with our SDS float during the parade! 

A white Sullivan Dance Studio t-shirt will be provided for campers to tie-dye red & blue! 


KPOP     YouTube Star 

Ages 6 - 12

Friday, July 12th 5:30-8:00 pm


This class will be an intense, quick paced k-pop workshop. Participants will learn an entire routine & record it to create their own music video! This will be taught by our special guest teacher, Sydney Hagerman. Sydney Hagerman is an SDS alum majoring in dance at the U of I. There she is also part of a K-Pop crew that performs on campus and at local events. Participants should wear black leggings and hip hop tennis shoes. A special K-pop music video t-shirt will be provided. 


Pajama Party Sleepover

Friday, July 19th 6:00 pm -
Saturday, July 20th 8:00 am

Ages 6 - 12


What is better than a sleepover with all of your dance friends?! Teachers will have a full night of fun dance games planned. We will also have our first official viewing of Dancing Into Summer Recital 2019 video projected onto the wall. Of course endless popcorn will be provided! 

Wear your favorite pajamas and pack a sleeping bag/pillow. 

Disclaimer: Teachers are not held responbile for the lack of sleep your dancer gets :) 

JoJo Bow Hip Hop

Friday, July 26th 5:30-8:00 pm     

Ages 6 - 12


What sounds better than an evening celebrating JoJo? Participants will play games like pin the bow on JoJo, design their very own bow, and learn a hip hop dance to a JoJo song of course!

EXCITING NEWS - every participant will receive a new JoJo bow! A snack will also be provided.

Girls are encouraged to wear their favorite JoJo gear to camp!

Parents should arrive 5 minutes early to pick up time to watch our JoJo performance!  


Aerial & Back Handspring 

Friday, August 2nd 5:30-8:00 pm                    

Ages 6 - 12

Pre requisite: Bride kick over & 1 handed cartwheel. Participants with spend the morning working on drills, skills, & progressions for back handsprings & aerials. An evening snack will be provided.

Please make sure participants bring water, have their hair up, & wear appropriate, tight fitting clothing.

This is essential for safe spotting of these skills.
Parents should arrive 5 minutes early to pick up time to watch what they’ve learned. 


GLOW Dance Pizza Party

Friday, August 9th 5:30-8:00 pm

Ages 6 - 12

glow necklace.jpg

What better way to end the summer before going back to school?! Dance the night away in the dark decked out in all of our glow accessories! Did we mention pizza & snacks too? Grab your friends and hit the photo booth! Parents - enjoy a peaceful night out while your child burns off all their energy at the studio! 

Camps must have a minimum of 5 participants enrolled or they will be cancelled.