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Covid Policies

Instruction Options

EVERY class will be available in person AND live on zoom. No need to choose, just do what’s right for you! Each dance room will be equipped with the zoom station pictured below. Dancers at home will clearly see & hear the entire class! Dancers in the studio will see & hear their friends dancing at home on the TV! Each dance room as 6 x 6 foot boxes taped to keep dancers socially distanced during class. There is also a train track taped around the room with 6 foot stops to allow students to travel across the floor safely. Throughout this pandemic we are determined to keep our students safe AND dancing together!



Dancers MUST wear masks into the facility. They will remain on while dancers are in common spaces - the hallway, to the bathroom, in the lobby, etc. Once dancers arrive at their assigned dance box they may remove their masks. 

Parent Viewing

We pride our studio for always allowing parents to view class live. This season that will continue, just a little differently. Parents will NOT be allowed into the facility. This will ensure we never have more than 50 people in the building and that we can keep a record of who everyone has interacted with at all times. Parents will have LIVE access to watch class anytime through zoom on their own personal device. 

Arrival to Class

Students are asked to arrive 5 minutes prior to class. Our staff will greet them at the front door where they will be asked to use hand sanitizer and have their temperature taken. 


SDS has aligned with Sullivan school policies. If students fall into any of these categories they will be asked to take class via zoom for the specified period.

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